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“Here’s A Simple Way To Fall Asleep Soundly At Bedtime, Sleep Straight Through The Night, And Wake Every Morning Feeling Refreshed, Revived & FULL OF ENERGY”

Read on to discover the secret to getting a great night’s sleep, every night!

From the desk of: Dana Obleman, B.A. (Psych.), B. Ed. Sleep Consultant & Author of the Best-Selling Book, The Sleep Sense™ Program

RE: It’s time to get a great night’s sleep!

Let me ask you a few quick questions…

If you answered “YES” to ANY of those questions, then keep reading.

Dear Sleep-Deprived Friend,

We all know what a bad night’s sleep feels like.

You lie there tossing and turning, getting more and more anxious and agitated as the minutes and hours roll by.

You then wake in the morning feeling tired, groggy and irritable, and spend half your day walking around like a ZOMBIE, struggling to cope, and just hoping and praying that tonight will be better.

But it isn’t – and the same exhausting cycle starts again.

It’s a horrible way to live, but sadly, this vicious cycle has become the norm for many of us.

And — as you may already know — when you’re unable to get the sleep your body needs, the following problems will inevitably arise…

And that’s just the beginning…

In fact, the dangers of not getting enough sleep can be far greater, and I’ll be revealing the results of some pretty scary sleep trials in just a second…

But imagine if there was a simple, STEP-BY-STEP BLUEPRINT that you could follow, that would guarantee a great night’s sleep, every night.

Imagine being able to go to bed, and KNOW that within minutes you’ll be fast asleep, dreaming peacefully, and repairing and renewing every cell in your body for the new day ahead…

And imagine waking up EVERY morning feeling refreshed, revived and full of energy as a result!

It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

But it’s not.

In fact, it’s the new reality for my clients – and it’s soon going to be a reality for you, too!

Because once you know EXACTLY what you’re doing wrong, and how to put it right, enjoying a great night’s sleep, every single night, will become the norm – and the best part is that you can achieve it in as little as a few days from now…

Here are just a few of the ways a better night’s sleep will benefit you…

Let me tell you a quick story…

Back in 2002, I created The Sleep Sense™ Program, a best-selling book that showed parents how to encourage their child to sleep through the night.

It was an instant success.

I appeared on both regional and national television and radio shows, and I was interviewed for several major newspapers.

I was even asked to share my methods with a prominent group of family doctors at the prestigious University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine.

But how can any of that help YOU? Well, here’s the thing…

Many of the parents who had witnessed the success of my methods on their children started emailing me asking me to help them with their own sleep problems!

With my experience and knowledge of improving sleep quality and duration in children, I knew that I could help adults, too.

And with the latest research from The Sleep Health Foundation reporting that an incredible 1 in 3 people suffer from sleep problems, I knew that I could help A LOT of people to dramatically improve their lives.

So I set about researching sleep problems and insomnia in ADULTS…

And I discovered some pretty SHOCKING information about sleep

Now, we all know that a lack of sleep isn’t good for us.

But not many of us understand just how damaging it really is.

You see, a lack of sleep is a SLOW KILLER.

It literally ravages the body, and as you’ll discover in just a second, if you don’t do anything about it now, you could be storing up massive health problems for the future, and even shortening your lifespan by a number of years, and perhaps even decades.


OPTION #1: Well, your first option when you can’t sleep is to pop a sleeping pill…

And doctors are very keen to prescribe them these days in order to get you out the door and give you a quick fix, rather than taking the time to address the root cause.

In 2014 alone, there were a staggering 60 MILLION prescriptions written for sleeping pills in the United States.

And a new report by one of the world’s largest market research publishers, Global Industry Analysts, Inc., found that the sleeping pill market is now worth an incredible 9 BILLION, and growing. (11)

But of course, sleeping pills come with significant risks and side effects, which, according to Marc Leavey, MD, and doctor of internal medicine at MD Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, many people don’t realize.

Sleeping pills are a very short-term solution, and as Leavey states; “you can have problems when you use them longer than 7 to 10 days.”

That’s because when you take sleeping pills for longer than that, your body builds up a tolerance, which means you need MORE AND MORE of the pills to get the same effect!

But what many people don’t know is that if you take a high enough dose, it can lead to depressed breathing during sleep, and ultimately, death.

Scary stuff, right? So what’s your second option?

OPTION #2: Well, knowing all this, I concluded that it was more important than ever to develop a step-by-step and gimmick-free program that adults could use to permanently fix their sleep problems, 100% safely and naturally.

So that’s exactly what I did…


Solve Your Sleep
Your Step-By-Step Guide to a Great Night’s Sleep


Solve Your Sleep™ is a step-by-step, easy-to-follow program that will provide you with a powerful set of completely natural techniques proven to increase the speed at which you get to sleep, improve sleep quality and lengthen sleep duration! What’s more, this comprehensive sleep-promoting blueprint will allow you to conquer your sleep problems whether you’ve been struggling for weeks, months or even years.


The fact is, most people are so desperate to solve their sleep problems that they focus on short-term solutions, like sleeping pills or hypnosis CDs, for example.

But short-term solutions will only achieve short-term results, if any at all.

The only way to truly take control of your sleep in the long-term is to learn how to work with your body and mind, and create a routine that acts as a cue to your body and brain that it’s time to go to sleep.

When you understand how to do this, your body will start to fall back in line with your CIRCADIAN RHYTHM, which is your natural 24 hour cycle, and you will finally realize just how easy it really is to fall asleep quickly, and sleep soundly, every single night, just as nature intended!


1. The “Solve Your Sleep” e-Book

This comprehensive and easy-to-read 102 page book is designed to delve into the root cause of your sleep problems, and then provide you with an easy-to-implement, practical and step-by-step system to follow that will cure your sleep problems PERMANTENLY.

In “Solve Your Sleep,” you will discover…

2. The Solve Your Sleep Fast-Start Guide & Workbook

Let’s face it. Improving your relationship with sleep requires more than just reading a book… you actually have to take action!

That’s why when you order Solve Your Sleep, you’ll also receive your very own Sleep Workbook to ensure that you not only get started correctly, but stay on track!

In the Solve Your Sleep Fast-Start Guide & Workbook, you will receive the following…

3. My 12-Part Sleep Coach Video Training System

Want a little more “hands-on” advice? You’re will also receive instant access to my 12-part video series. As a mother and a former insomniac myself, I know how difficult it can be to not only make changes to your sleep habits, but actually stick to them, and remain consistent, which is exactly what you need to do if you want to conquer your insomnia permanently.

So I’ve devised a proven, step-by-step 30-day plan for doing exactly that.


4. Guided Meditation Audio

Finally, you will receive my Guided Mediation Audio. Guided meditation is a proven way to wind down before bedtime, induce a feeling of deep relaxation and promote restorative sleep. With this audio by your side each night, you’ll be able to relax your muscles, slow your breathing, and replace stressful, worrying thoughts with rich, dreamlike imagery.

“So Dana, how much does it cost to get a great night’s sleep, every night?”

Well, before I answer that, let me first ask you a question…

Would you pay $1,000 to achieve such transformational and life-changing results?

What about $500? That’s an absolute bargain, right?

Especially when you think that you’ll no longer have to spend money on things like:

And of course…

As you can see…

Not only will this program save you a fortune, it could save your life

With Solve Your Sleep by your side, there will be…

Bearing all that in mind, $500 is NOTHING!

But don’t worry, because I’m not going to ask you to spend anything like that kind of money.

I know just how debilitating insomnia can be…

I know how much it can ruin a person’s life on a daily basis – and I don’t want it to ruin yours any longer.

So for that reason, I’ve decided to make Solve Your Sleep available at pricing that will fit ANY budget.

And because I want to make your decision as easy as possible for you, I’m happy to tell you about…

My Rock-Solid 365-Day

Money-Back Guarantee!

That’s right, all you need to do now is say “maybe”…

And if you’re not 100% satisfied with Solve Your Sleep™, or you simply change your mind at any point within the next year, you will receive a full refund!

If you’re not happy, you don’t pay. It’s as simple as that! And all you need to do is send me an email (my email address is provided with the product) and I will refund every single cent with no questions asked and no hard feelings.

So go ahead, order now, and try out Solve Your Sleep™ for an entire year on me…

You risk absolutely NOTHING!



OPTION #1: You can continue on the way you have been, either doing nothing at all, wasting your money on “gimmicks”, or even worse, dangerous sleeping pills that will NEVER fix the root cause of your sleep problems, and will inevitably make things worse.

You can carry on struggling to sleep night after night, which will leave you fatigued and unable to function properly, and increase your risk of developing any number of worrying health conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, depression, and more.

OPTION #2: Or… You can say YES.

  • YES to a great night’s sleep, every night.
  • YES to improved health.
  • YES to a happier, longer life.


… And test drive Solve Your Sleep™ for an ENTIRE YEAR, completely risk free.

So I urge you to make the right decision…To make the best investment you will ever make…An investment in yourself, your health, and your future happiness. Ready for a great night’s sleep? Then go ahead and select from the packages below:

PLEASE NOTE: These are digital products. They will be emailed to you
immediately after you order – even if it’s 2am!


Dana Obleman, B.A. (Psych.), B. Ed.
Sleep Consultant & Creator of Solve Your Sleep™

P.S. As you’ve seen, a lack of good quality sleep is a slow killer, so it’s crucial for your health and wellbeing that you do something about it now, before it’s too late.

Why continue suffering through this night-time misery any longer? Why wake up every morning feeling exhausted, groggy and irritable, when you don’t have to? Why run the risk of damaging your health and shortening your lifespan, when right here, right now, is the solution you’ve been searching for? A completely safe and natural solution that is guaranteed to work, or your money back.

A great night’s sleep is just a click away!

P.P.S. And don’t forget, when you place your order today, you’re doing so with ZERO RISK because you’re fully protected by my rock-solid 365-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. Simply say “maybe” today, and then take the rest of the year to put my program to the test, risk-free.