About Dana Obleman

Creator of Solve Your Sleep

Hi, my name is Dana Obleman, and I’m the creator of Solve Your Sleep, a complete, step-by-step system designed to help you easily fall asleep (and stay asleep) every single night… without the use of pharmaceutical sleep aids.

I’ve been a sleep professional since 2003 when I created my best-selling sleep solution for parents and children, The Sleep Sense Program. That product has helped more than 52,000 parents get their children sleeping through the night, and it’s been featured on major media outlets including CNN, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, and many more.

I struggled with occasional insomnia for most of my adult life. Like most people, I learned to “suffer through” those sleepless nights. I would sometimes resort to over-the-counter sleep aids, but those always left me with a terrible “hungover” feeling in the mornings.

Determined to find a better, drug-free way to combat sleepless nights, I took my 10+ years of expertise as a children’s sleep consultant, paired it with the most current behavioral research on adult sleep patterns, and developed the Solve Your Sleep system.

Solve Your Sleep works by quickly eliminating the most common “stress factors” that keep us lying awake at night. You’ll learn the steps to turning your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary, how to stop your mind from “short-circuiting” and repeating the same thoughts over and over, and exactly what steps to take whenever you wake during the night.

You can learn much more about the Solve Your Sleep system by clicking here, and you can always get in touch with me if you have any questions by sending an e-mail to dana@solveyoursleep.com.