Lisa Gargaro
Founder - Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co
United Kingdom

Your Best Sleep Starts Here

Sleep is so essential, right, but let’s be honest; you already know that; that why you are here looking for answers. Our genetics, lifestyle choices, and health play an essential role in the quality of sleep you have. Do you struggle to fall asleep, have regular night waking’s, reoccurring tiredness during the day, or perhaps all three of those – then the great news is I can help.

By allowing me to work with you, I can help improve your situation by allowing me to walk you through simple, maintainable changes to create quality sleep habits that last—working together in real-time and at a comfortable pace. My programs are created for you by the answers you give via completing a preliminary evaluation, followed by a live consultation. It ensures you can track your sleep and progress will enjoying my ongoing coaching. My role is to help you sleep well every night, not just during our time together in the program but for the long haul. Time will pass by regardless, so we may as well do something positive with your sleep.
Therefore, when you head to bed and lay down and feel anxious about what hours ahead are going to bring, then do not worry any longer. I can help. My past clients have found my calm yet supportive demeanor to be extraordinarily beneficial & essential in their success. You, too, can see the positive changes that occur when we work together to resolve your sleep step by step.

Individual Sleep Consulting

My one-on-one virtual sleep consultations provide you with all the insight and training. Allowing you to improve your sleep within the comfort of your own home. Working directly with you to identify your sleep issues, provide you with the answers you need via a plan to make the corrective changes necessary for success. My help can be via a 4-week program, including the use of CBT-I sessions throughout if this is more suitable for your specific needs. Hourly CBT-I session area is also available should you already know what is causing your worries & disturbing your sleep. These are hard-hitting, with CBT proven to be the most effective way of treating insomnia or worry related sleep issues. These will help ensure so can indeed start every day feeling refreshed and healthy.

Corporate Sleep Seminars and Other Workshops

Lisa Gargaro Sleep Co offers workshops to improve sleep, which is ideal for any corporation to add to their wellness programs and other collaborative projects they offer to their employees. The group sessions look at teaching healthy sleep tactics, the relationship between sleep and optimal health, and much more!

I can help you with your sleep. My broad experience and diverse training in my sleep qualification ensure I will be in a great place to help you as the individual you are. Being a member of many of the top professional associations worldwide ensures my training is the most relevant & up to date techniques used. The British Sleep Society & The International Association of Professional Sleep Consultants.

I am often available for starting a program within 3-5 days and would love to support you through your sleep journey. Let me get started by firstly, extend the offer of a 15-minute introductory call to get to know more about each other better with the view to collaborate. I look forward to chatting to you,